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Identity crisis بحران

The concept is simple and complex at the same time; Identity. What it means to be oneself, to be real, to be honest, with ourselves and with everyone around us.

Our perception of identity wasn’t a certain idea and like the nature of identity was vague and undetermined.
The main concept of the “Identity Crisis” collection came from this vague idea. We like to describe describe the concept of
the collection as the journey of a rock fallen into to the river, flowed by the current that eventually turn it to a pebble. The collection as a whole, shows this image perfectly.
They set aside Avers usual geometrical approach to pick an organic and expressive one. We also somehow exchanged our
intentions with something that may we call “non-intention”, and let our emotions freely express ouerselves in our work to give us
the ability to crystalize these concepts and ideas in a collection of art and crafts work.

Material: Walnut wood, natural leather
23* 10.5 * 5.5 cm